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Experience the future of footwear with the X-Scape 3D - where cutting-edge suspension technology meets glove feel upper comfort. Designed for daily wear, the X-Scape 3D is ideal for those who log high mileage and demand lasting comfort.



Introducing the X-Scape 3D - where cutting-edge
hybrid suspension technology meets glove feel upper comfort. Crafted with
precision and innovation, this sneaker redefines the boundaries of performance
and style.

The midsole is where wild ideas come to reality. A hybrid 3D printed shell, combined with super foam filler (ETPX), creates a unique, durable suspension system tailored to each phase of your walking stride. With a cantilever in the back for progressive landings, lattice suspension in the midfoot for arch support, and the progressive rocker construction in the nose area for easier rolling, every step feels effortless. The
superfoam ETPX filler and the superfoam ETPEE midsole provide this extra level
of cushioning comfort and smooth bounce. All those materials also shine through the durability of their performance.

The upper features perforated thin eco-tan NBK leather for glove-like feel, while optimizing breathability and lightness.
The oversized padded collar ensures maximum comfort and foothold, while the stretch Lycra nose adapts to your foot for smooth flexing.

The CPU outsole ensures excellent grip, and its full coverage ensures durability. Its design is meant also to enable easy re-soling extending shoe life further.  

Designed for daily wear, the X-Scape 3D is ideal for those who log high mileage and demand lasting comfort .

Plus, its visually striking design ensures you'll stand out with
every step.

Experience the future of footwear with the X-Scape 3D.


Classic ultra comfort

Material: Perforated eco-tan thin NBK Leather for a glove like feel. Optimizes
breathability and lightweight , while providing leather durability  

Collar: Oversized padded collar for both maximum comfort and foothold.

Stretch Lycra nose for ultimate foot adaptation and smooth flexing.


3D printed hybrid suspension system

Shell = 3D printed shell, with zonal specific definition and very durable characteristics

Cantilever in the back for a very progressive and smooth landing

Lattice suspension in the midfoot area for arch support and stride transition

Rockered nose construction for easier rolling and protection.

Filler = super foam underfoot filler

The super foam soft filler provides the smooth,
cushioned and bouncy feeling inspired by performance running shoes.

It has also elevated durability

Insole = high performance extra cushion

The anatomical 5 mm ETPEE insole provides this extra
level of durable cushioning  

Overall, the combination of the 3D suspension, the super foam filler, and the insole provide unique longevity of the cushioning while keeping a very soft feel and stride.

OUTSOLE: Full coverage CPU outsole

Excellent grip across a wide variety of surfaces while
being extremely durable

Easily re-sole able by design for extended longevity

This unique combination of high tech and traditional materials, namely the soft
leather upper and the high-tech hybrid midsole construction, provide you
the comfort and support you deserve for an extended use.

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