The world has changed. How we live, work, play and be has evolved. Activity to activity and hour to hour is a continuous flow of movement.

At Deckers X Lab we design FLOW WEAR - shoes and apparel for the next human evolution. 

Evolved ideas for the new ways humans move, from head to toe.

To achieve flow, we create “Xperiences” for the body and mind. Comfort, no matter the situation, is the priority for every piece of gear that comes out of the Lab. From there, each idea is analyzed, optimized, and stylized for performance and sustainability.


5 Tenents of Flow

Flow of Body

We seek to create a unique sensation in comfort and movement. A sensation unlike any other that moves from the feet to the head and back down again.

Flow of Mind

What humans wear, impacts how humans think and behave. We want humans to feel the flow between body and mind. 

Because when humans are fully in the flow, they are energized, focused and enjoy in life.

Flow of Day

How we all move through the world continues to evolve. Balance is no longer the goal. Life, research shows, is messy in its blend of work and play. It’s up and down and sideways. Life requires footwear and apparel that flows from situation-to-situation with ease.

Flow of Design

From product design to customers and back again, our design process is a constant flow of information between us, our wearers and how the gear is used.

Flow of Responsibility

It is with the earth in mind that our gear is created. The materials and processes used in manufacturing are constantly evaluated for its harmony with nature.