Our Story

Creativity is the act of combining two things that nobody put together before.

Craft perfects the seams in-between. 

Done right, the combinational result is not addition.



New is why Deckers X Lab exists. 
New must have its own place to fail until it succeeds.
And to succeed, new must clear a new bar. 

New must be:

Engineered for ultimate performance. 

Designed for everyday ultra comfort and timeless elegance.

Built for a better and cleaner planet. 

And most importantly, it must make something new in you when you put it on. 

A new level of delight. A new sensation. 
A new best version of you... 
whoever you are.

Wherever you’re from.
Because this thing that new makes? 
It’s universal. 

And it is what we make.

This is not trite or juvenile or simplistic,it is absolutely essential.

It is a level of sensation we’re chasing.One we’ve caught before. 

A sensation that countless millions are waiting to see, feel and wear for themselves. 

That splits the world and makes it new.  

That can be found with a simple equation that guides us now. And always will.