Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE SPSK Mid Best In Gear Awards 2021 Believe In The Run

X-SCAPE SPSK Mid Named Best Recovery Shoe by Believe In The Run

BEST RECOVERY SHOE: Deckers X Lab SPSK, or really any Deckers X Lab shoe

Best In Gear Awards 2021: The Best Road Running ShoeS | BELIEVE IN THE RUN

We’re excited to announce that our X-SCAPE SPSK Mid has been named Best Recovery Shoe in Believe In The Run Best In Gear Awards 2021! 

"It’s tough to pick a favorite recovery shoe, but you know it’s gonna come from the Deckers X Lab family. Right now, we’re rocking the SPSK, which feels a bit more like a boot that’s loaded with soft wool. When the weather is warmer, we tend to reach for something a little more open, like the KO-Z slide, which is just the softest flip flop you’ve ever worn. 
There’s not too much fancy tech going on in the Deckers X Lab, at least not as far as super foams to make you go fast are concerned. However, these folks are the kings (and queens) of comfort, with carefully designed sheepskin and layer upon layer of memory foam to embrace your foot like none other. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the drop heights, the KO-Z packs 8 mm, and the SPSK is slightly shallower at 6 mm."
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