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Sustainability at Deckers X Lab

There is no perfect approach to sustainability, but Deckers X Lab is fundamentally committed at every level – from process to product to packaging –to make things better by making better things. For us, sustainability is more than a marketing tool: it’s a promise to you and the next generation.

Since the apparel and footwear industries account for a substantial portion of global annual carbon emissions, we have a responsibility to optimize products for long-term performance – reducing sales for us, but also decreasing the total number of shoes manufactured. We seek to create high-quality footwear that is durable, reliable, and reduces waste by cutting down the need to buy another pair.

Additionally, we have implemented steps to reduce the use of cardboard – one of the footwear industry’s most-used materials – by intervening in the packaging process. Typically, shoeboxes are packed within shipping boxes before they are sent off to customers, creating an unnecessary layer of cardboard waste. By shipping shoes in their own containers, we have significantly scaled back our annual cardboard consumption.

As a member of Deckers Brands – the only footwear company to be voted among Barron’s 2019 list of 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies – we participate in the organization’s overall efforts to create a greener world. Deckers joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2016, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with over 9,500 participating companies. Joining shows our commitment to conducting business with the utmost respect for universal principles around human rights, labor standards, responsible environmental practices, and anti-corruption. This partnership requires an annual statement of progress (our Corporate Responsibility Report), which we believe sets us apart from others in our industry.

We have also adopted our own set of sustainable development goals, 7 By 2027, which focus on categories where we believe we can make the most impact – Waste, Water, Materials, Chemicals, Climate & Clean Energy, Human Rights, and Gender Equality & Quality Education. Our Sustainable Development Goals are guardrails of our program, and they help keep us focused on making a difference.

Finally, as an entity that is always learning, growing, and refining our efforts, we welcome suggestions from our customers on how we can improve. Sustainability is an ongoing process, and it’s up to us all to hold one another accountable on the road towards a better tomorrow.

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