Inside the LAB - The trio behind the KO-Z Chrysalis

Inside the LAB - The trio behind the KO-Z Chrysalis

The KO-Z Chrysalis is a walking boot that blends the performance and comfort technology of Deckers X Lab with thoughtfully hand-crafted touches. The journey to create the KO-Z Chrysalis began with a partnership between renowned weaving artist Nadine Marchal, Deckers X Lab product designer Charlotte Mollard and visual artist Lydie Roure. Read on to learn more about their inspirations for the shoe, what surprised them in the process of working together, and a peek into their wellness rituals.


How did you select the colors for the Chrysalis?

Charlotte: The main word was to play with nature. As we started working on this project in fall/winter, the colors and textures of seasons instantly inspired us. We were surrounded by yellow green moss-covered trees and ferns, the grey rocks, the red/orange leaves... It was a festival of colors from magenta to green, from brown to yellow. All these warm and vibrant colors are in the Chrysalis.

Nadine: Nature is my main source of inspiration. My greatest adventure in this job is to get as close as possible to the colors that can be observed in nature in order to create. Charlotte, Lydie and I went to collect all kinds of plants in order to make our palettes and to dye yarns in a traditional way.

Lydie: As you can see in the movie I made for Chrysalis, the color inspirations are found in every little piece of nature, from a flower to moss on a tree. As Nadine often says,  “everything comes from nature, everything is there around us”.


How did you decide to put weaving on this silhouette (a water repellant mid-calf wedge boot)?

Charlotte: The initial idea was to elevate product from the Deckers X Lab collection and create a more feminine and elegant version. The wedge of the shoe highlights the mid-calf length, so it offered a unique playground for us! It gave us the opportunity to develop an exceptional product from a design standpoint, by mixing Nadine’s craftmanship and Deckers X Lab essence.

Nadine: It is a team reflection... The boot was really a dream product to insert weaving into. The upper leaves room for elegance and above all it allows to decorate the woven part with multiple finishing details such as the edging with a small leather band, the stitching ... In short, a combination of elegance, comfort and technicality.


What has surprised you about working together?

Charlotte: I was surprised to see how everything worked out so easily together. Things just flow. I am impressed by Nadine’s approach and knowledge about material. Lydie, with her sensibility behind the lens of the camera successfully captured the way we worked together. We shared our personal passion, and we were open to learning from each other.

Lydie: My job is to sublimate the work of Nadine and Charlotte, I observe them: Work on the design, the colors, the patterns, a story hidden behind a thread, share their ideas. I am behind my lens, I take photos and videos on the go to understand the alliances between industry and craft. And it's wonderful to see them working together, we share ideas and solutions all together and each time I love our fluidity, we enrich each other's ideas and always in a benevolent and good mood.

Nadine: Beyond the talent that Lydie and Charlotte possess in their respective professions, it is their human qualities and their enthusiasm that made these moments of sharing a true collaboration.

Who/what is your muse and why?

Charlotte: This question gives me a hard time ! But I think instantly to artists as Francis Alÿs, Christo & Jeanne-Claude and Theo Jansen. These artists share poetic and engaged works, often related to nature.

Lydie: I am more and more attracted by personalities who make their emotions come alive, who are not afraid to share their fragility, their intimacy. A trait that we still associate with women (too much unfortunately in my opinion). Documentary film directors come to mind: Marjory Desjardins, Emilie Brisavoine... And of course Nadine: I have the great fortune to be able to share her daily life for one week a month, and it is precious, there is always an idea that suddenly comes out of her head of her dreams... and behind we make them live!

Nadine: The most important one is nature. If I have to choose a person, then my muse is Gabriela Hearst, artistic director of Chloé. I can find myself in her values. The fact that her family is a farm, horses, that she values all women who spend hours weaving, sewing, far from the feus of Parisian life, to make the story short, I like her!!!


The Chrysalis blends comfort and beauty...what do you do to give yourself that feeling of wellbeing?

Charlotte: I am wearing the Chrysalis, of course! And I am trying to live in a simple and coherent way, be well surrounded and supported by friends and family.

Lydie: Take a break, don't rush, watch the beauty of the light at sunset then go home and prepare a very simple dish that reminds me of my grandmother's, like a plate of potatoes and a green salad. And also (I almost  forgot)! not to mention a little morning routine with a few yoga postures.

Nadine: I like to share time with my animals, dogs, horses... Living in the middle of nature is a privilege that has always enchanted me and that I appreciate even more every day.


How do you style your KO-Z Chrysalis?

Charlotte: With a slim jeans and a basic tee shirt. With casual clothes, it fits very well.

Lydie: a white T-shirt, my favorite jeans of the moment, high waist, a little wide in the leg, 3/4 length et voilà  :) ! A shoe to wear everywhere.

Nadine: Boots to wear everywhere! A hike into the wood or a show in Paris, always elegant and comfortable. When we worked on the colors, we imagined that with a pair of blue jeans and the boots, that could go everywhere!!! Nice sweater on the top or a simple tee-shirt… Always good.

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