Inside the Lab Series V

Inside the Lab Series V

Meet Amandine

Our Inside the Lab series shares the stories of the creative individuals behind Deckers Lab. 

Woman wearing K-ST 21 Low hyper sneaker in black white, black leggings black crop top standing in front of a building with an airstream in the reflection of the glass


Meet Amandine, who keeps our social media feed fresh and our photographers, PR partners, ambassadors and influencers briefed on the creative direction of every product drop. Learn more about Amandine and how she styles her Deckers X Lab favorites and New Releases with leggings and tonal crop tops.


How long have you worked at/with Deckers and at which location to you primarily work?

My first position at Deckers goes back to 2014, as a marketing intern for UGG at the Deckers EMEA office in London. I then worked for Hoka One One, based in Annecy, France, focusing on social media and content creation. After I graduated from business school, I moved to Santa Barbara to start a digital marketing internship. My work across Deckers Brands led me to this role with Deckers X Lab.


How has COVID-19 changed your routine?

Working from home definitely has been an adjustment, but our team does a great job coordinating all projects remotely. My roommates work from home, so our house turns into an office during the day filled with zoom calls! I am excited to go back to the office one day, but it is nice to be able to work from any location!


Favorite food ?

Anything with cheese! Most of the typical dishes from my hometown in France have cheese as the main ingredient, like Raclette.


Three things you are grateful for:

I am grateful for my friends and family, and the ability to work my dream job at Deckers with awesome coworkers!

How do you usually style your Deckers X Lab shoes?

I personally wear the X-Scape NBK Low the most. I usually style it with some jeans or legging and a simple tonal crop top!

What is currently in your Deckers X Lab shopping cart/wish list?

I am super excited about the new colorways launching soon for the X-Scape NBK Low! The black-black color is my favorite!


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