Inside the Lab Series III

Inside the Lab Series III

Getting to know ADAM DRUCKMAN

Our employee spotlight series shares the stories of the creative individuals behind Deckers XLab. This month, we meet Adam, event production manager at our Goleta, California Head Quarters.

How long have you worked at Deckers, and at which site do you work?

I work at the Deckers Brands HQ in Goleta, CA. This is my 27th year at the company.
We’ve owned various business over the years. I’ve seen a lot of them come and go. At the beginning I didn’t know how to feel about Deckers X Lab, but then I put on their shoes – in my humble opinion… wow.
The first time I had a formal meeting with Angel Martinez (former CEO of Deckers Brands) 15 years ago, he said, “Footwear has changed. There is no time to break in shoes; they need to be comfortable out of the box.” When we acquired Hoka, I thought we were getting closer to the feeling Angel was talking about, but Deckers X Lab is the first brand to truly hit the mark. When I first tried Deckers X Lab, I thought to myself, holy smokes! These shoes really are comfortable right out of the box. This immediate gratification is exactly what Angel was talking about. The arch support, the cozy feeling, the all-day comfort – I found it all in Deckers X Lab. My feet are not getting tired throughout the day, and my shoes comfortable right when I put them on.

What does your average workday look like?

Typically, my days as an event producer are all about problem solving – addressing one problem after the next. My average workday is all over the map because event producing includes so many moving pieces. I handle the big-picture part of the production, which includes a substantial amount of computer work, meetings, and physical oversight regarding the different tangible elements of an event like audiovisual aspects, staging, food, and beverages.

Name three things you are grateful for.

My family, my job, my passions – I have many.

If you could meet anyone in the world – dead or alive – who would it be, and why?

I’d love to meet the Dalai Lama. I’ve been in his presence before, but have not had the chance to sit down, and say “Hi, my name is Adam” and have a discussion. I’d love that.

How do you usually style your Deckers X Lab shoes?

I’ve been wearing the Deckers X Lab KO-Z SPORT Low as my exclusive workday shoe. I've also been wearing them without socks while working out at the gym. I jump on the elliptical, lift weights, and do floor exercises.

What is currently in your Deckers X Lab shopping cart?

I want to get the KO-Z SNPR Mid Wedge for my wife in the Infinity Blue colorway. She loves it and I am eager to surprise her with a gift.
For myself, I like the shoe I’m wearing – the KO-Z SPORT Low – and want another pair. It is the first time in 10 years of being an orthodic user that I found shoes I can wear comfortably without an orthodic. I’m sort of addicted to my orthodics, but I don’t need them in these, and I can wear them all day and be comfortable.
There is something about the cushioning factor of that sole. The look and feel of the sheet stock layers are perfect for my weight and style. Each layer of foam is just the right blend of cushy and supportive, which makes my feet happy when I put them on. I was first wearing them with socks, and then I discovered they can also be worn without socks, which feels amazing.

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