K-ST Series


Gravity, per our research, has a big ego. In on-going development at Deckers X Lab is a line of equipment for your feet that flows in the face of gravity and its desire to bring us down. The K-ST makes gravity question its own existence.



Street sneakers infused with kinetic suspension technology.


RECOMMENDED… for the brave

Before we talk about the K-ST 35, let’s talk about the hammerhead shark.

At first glance, a hammerhead shark makes no sense. We all wonder, “why can’t it be like all the other fishes?” But when we find out how their set-up controls their senses, makes quick moves without losing stability possible and flows them furiously through the water, then we get it.

The K-ST 35 is just like the hammerhead shark. It doesn't look like the others. It doesn’t move like the others. And getting weird is all it wants to do.

For those who are still reading and asking, “what were they thinking when they put this together?” Everything. We were thinking of everything. From sole to laces, heel to toe, the K-ST 35 makes the world your playground.


Carbon Bow Technology™

In the middle is our proprietary Carbon Bow Technology. You give it energyand it returns propulsion back to you in spades. We think of it as kineticenergy. You can think of it as good times.

Extended swallowtail heel

Out back is an overextended, but always ready to work, heel. It’s double padded. It’s soft. It’s responsive. It’s nothing like you’ve felt before.

Cordura ECO® and Matryx®

Up top is Cordura ECO® fabric and Matryx® monofilament textile for durability that never taps out when you put it through the ringer or its paces or give it hell. It’ll just say thank you and ask for more.

Bottom and Inside

On the bottom is the grippiest of grip. And on the inside is a removable insole you can customize for better fit and performance.