KO-Z Ventura

New colors Available Now

KO-Z Ventura

New Colors Available Now


Ultralight, ultra-wide, the plushest materials underfoot we could get our hands on, and a strap system that keeps everything in place, the KO-Z Ventura will have your foot’s comfort in check no matter if you’re on the beach or getting after it off-trail.

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KO-Z Ventura = Sport Sandal

Slippers reformulated with the street performance of sneakers.

Women's version on the way. Stay connected.

Signature Meta-Rocker

It begins on the bottom. The ultralight and ultra-wide 3mm sponge rubber outsole with Meta-Rocker geometry will keep pace no matter what pace your day requires.

Xponent+ midsole and memory foam

In the middle is where the plush happens. The Xponent+ midsole is our softest cushion yet. And our latest trick up our sleeve is a footbed layered with memory foam.

Nubuck leather and looped wool

On the topsole is a premium perforated leather with 5mm looped wool under and above the arch. These help the feet maintain a comfortable temperature and control moisture when the need arises.

Strap system

While the comfort is second to none, the KO-Z is also designed to run wild. The 100% recycled polyester digitally printed webbing straps for adjustable, true-to-you foothold will lock your foot in.

About KO-Z Series

To achieve a state of chill, the foot requires total comfort. Our hypothesis holds that the “Ooohthatisnice” principle is equal parts support and equal amounts of plush. The result is comfort that flows from activity-to-activity, making the transition from “I ain’t got nothing but nothing to do” to “hurry it’s the ice cream truck” without missing a beat.

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Sustainability at Deckers X Lab

There is no perfect approach to sustainability, but Deckers X Lab is fundamentally committed at every level – from process to product to packaging –to make things better by making better things. For us, sustainability is more than a marketing tool: it’s a promise to you and the next generation.

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Our Vision

The world has changed. How we live, work, play and be has evolved. Activity to activity and hour to hour is a continuous flow of movement.
At Deckers X Lab we design FLOW WEAR - shoes and apparel for the next human evolution.

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