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Flip Flop x Slipper

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Introducing the KO-Z BA DA DA - the flip without the flop. Its asymmetrical strap, wider footbed, and rockered shape keep the KO-Z BA DA DA comfortably on your foot and makes each stride a pleasure trip. To top it off, the strap and toe pole is oh-so-soft. And for extra feel goods, we make them with sustainability in mind and upcycle unused material into new pairs.

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KO-Z BA DA DA = Flip no Flop

The future of flip-flop, minus the flop.

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Details & Features

About KO-Z Series

To achieve a state of chill, the foot requires total comfort. Our hypothesis holds that the “Ooohthatisnice” principle is equal parts support and equal amounts of plush. The result is comfort that flows from activity-to-activity, making the transition from “I ain’t got nothing but nothing to do” to “hurry it’s the ice cream truck” without missing a beat.

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Sustainability at Deckers X Lab

There is no perfect approach to sustainability, but Deckers X Lab is fundamentally committed at every level – from process to product to packaging –to make things better by making better things. For us, sustainability is more than a marketing tool: it’s a promise to you and the next generation.

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Our Vision

The world has changed. How we live, work, play and be has evolved. Activity to activity and hour to hour is a continuous flow of movement.
At Deckers X Lab we design FLOW WEAR - shoes and apparel for the next human evolution.

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