NVRSTP 19-25

NVRSTP 19-25

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The Deckers X Lab NVRSTP 19-25 pack operates by one principle - a body in motion should stay in motion.

NVRSTP = Comfort x Utility

  • Nothing should slow you down from crosstown runs to work and back again or from ridgeline traverses to aid station and out again. Especially your pack. That's why, with 19 pockets, everything you need is within easy reach. And having pockets from front-to-back better distributes the weight for efficient balance and easier movement. The NVRSTP is proven at every distance and at all elevations to help you flow from here to there without holding you back

  • • 25 liters (40 with roll top)
    • 19 pockets with optimal weight distribution (9 pockets on front, 10 on back)
    • Easy access, pockets within pockets
    • Pole holders
    • Carabiner assist
    • Water bladder compatible
    • Wet bag
    • Customizable and flexible
    • Advanced tech and materials for functionality, breathability, and durability


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